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Family Plan @11500 per year

A comprehensive health test package, that checks for thyroid, diabetes, iron deficiency, liver functioning, cholesterol and lipid profiles, and other blood tests to help determine the status of your health.
Physiotherapy consultation to assess, diagnose and treat any joint, or musculoskeletal injuries and will formulate a rehabilitation plan specific to your needs.
Affordable discounts and special offers year round for family and members that fits and covers all your needs.
EHR are Real time, patient centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users.
Will have access to our dietitian and doctor for any query regarding diet and family health.
Child counselling, over the phone, involves working with child’s emotions and environment to create positive changes in his/her life.
Our doctor visit at your place will benefit you with free ECG and BP reading.
A thorough analysis of all the reports will be presented with graphs and trends in order to prevent lifestyle diseases.
Free Pulse, SpO2, ECG, and Stress test for two people aged above 58.
Free one-time consultation for your skin complaints from renowned dermatologists.

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