A personal relationship with Preventive excellence for your family.


We buy insurance for our family,

We always choose to go to a renowned doctor,

We always worry about the medicine that we eat,

we always keep the best first aid at home ,

we know the common Symptoms of cold & cough.

If we care and spend so much after we are ill , why not spend a few bucks before that!!!! Just a thought !!

Family Plan @11500 per year

Comprehensive Blood test.
Year round physiotherapy consultation.
Special offers and discounts for members.
Lifetime access and consultation on uploaded health records (EHR).
Year round diet and doctor consultation for the entire family.
Child Counselling (Working with Child’s emotions and environment to create positive change through counselling over the phone)
Doctor visit ( Free ECG and BP during the visit)
Maintaining trends of family (A thorough analysis of all the reports will be presented with graphs and trends will be set-in order to prevent lifestyle diseases).
Cardio assist program-pulse, SP02, ECG, Stress test for two people above the age of 58.
One time free skin consultation for all the family members from BIODERMA recommended panel of dermatologists.
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